Lab#4 Lote

Wednesday, 08.11 10h06

The Laboratory-Performance What is really happening when something happens? is part of the research field of Chemical Fictions / Tactile Dramaturgies, directed by Cristian Duarte, which is being developeded in Lote#5.

The Lab-Performance is focused on reverberating empathy, vibrating between sincere and false physical engagement, or if you prefer, persevering for a sincere representation.

The work is grounded in a collective mute laughter in contact with the indignations generated by the small and maximum humiliations that we continue to experience daily in the environment we build and live in. The proposal explicitly carries the intention of moving a critical reflection that finds in the current political, social and cultural conjuncture an inexhaustible source in constant combustion.

What is really happening when something happens? seeks to stress the relations between bodies and things, pointing to laughter, and the neuronal mirroring that it triggers, as a political vector to problematize what exists between context-artist-public-institution.

  • This Performance-Lab integrates the XI Mosra de Fomento à Dança.
    Labs in Lote are usually followed by a public showing as a way of testing hypotheses that arise during the investigation and that require contact with the public to make sense. For this occasion, I invited artists who have participated in previous laboratories and performed two different situations in July of this year. Together with them, and more people who will participate in this new moment, I intend to continue thinking and risking this proposal – which will meet the audience of the XI Mostra de Fomento à Dança on November 26th.
  • Lab Location: Lote / Casa do Povo
    Rua Três Rios, 252 – second floor
    Bom Retiro – São Paulo
  • From November 21 to 25 – From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Day 26 of November – Performance at 17h in a location to be defined during the Lab.
  • This Lab is intended for people of any area, interested in performativity and willing to engage in intense, repetitive and long-lasting physical practice.
  • Those selected must be available to participate in the Lab every day and may be invited to join the performance cast on the 26th.
  • Registration: Send a text, a phrase, an image, a news story or anything else that makes you lose your voice. It can be something created / articulated by you or already existing, and that can be sent by email to:
  • Registration open until midnight on 17.11.2017
    We will contact all those registered as of 18.11.2017
  • The Laboratory will be free of charge. It is an activity by Lote#5 – contemplated by the 21st Edition of Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança para a cidade São Paulo.