Friday, 02.02 11h28

SUPERNADA – Lab with Clarice Lima and Aline Bonamin

Supernada is an old desire to do a dance work for children in open spaces. It was already a lot of thing, a lot of people and nothing. Now it’s the size of a giant question mark stuck to the chest. Last year he almost died and today he breathes with great difficulty.

In this lab we will join forces, call everybody, to see if he still has a chance to survive in this post-coup world. That’s why we need a lot of people. Let’s try everything, believe in everything, in fiction, in fantasy and even in the supernatural.

  • Lab at: Lote/Casa do Povo

Rua Três Rios, 252 – Second floor

Bom Retiro – São Paulo

  • From February 19 to March 2 – From 14h to 18h
  • This Lab is intended for professionals and dance students.
  • Application:
    Imagine that you just watched the Supernada experiment in the Tiradentes subway square in São Paulo, SP.

Describe, in a maximum of 3 paragraphs, what you just saw.

Send the text with your name and age to the email

Open until midnight on 15.02.2018 

We will be in contact with everyone from 16.02.2018

  • The Lab is free. It is an activity of the project Lote #5 – contemplated by the 21st Edição do Programa Municipal de Fomento à Dança para a cidade de São Paulo.